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Philips monitors’ commitment to sustainability is now strengthened by a reforestation campaign in partnership with ForestNation

Amsterdam, 8 December 2020 – MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announces the next milestone in the brand’s dedication to a sustainable future and an environmentally-conscious community. After setting new standards in terms of eco-friendly technology by introducing the greenest monitors in the market, Philips is now donating a forest in the framework of a reforestation campaign in Tanzania. The ongoing campaign, aiming at planting trees in a region affected dramatically by deforestation, focuses on contributing towards ecologically balanced development goals by creating sustainable livelihoods for the local communities along with employing local workers and empowering the local youth to gain an understanding of environmental conservation. So far, Philips monitors has pledged to keep planting at least 50.000 trees – and add more to the growing forest with every green monitor sold.

Green technology for a sustainable future

Philips monitors cares about safeguarding the environment and has been making persistent efforts to offer a more sustainable display technology. The dedication to ecologically-friendly innovation has already been manifested by introducing green monitors, which are specifically designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. The Philips 241B7QGJEB or the recently launched 272B1G model are eco-friendly displays, which are entirely free of harmful substances, boxed in fully recyclable packaging and comply with multiple international environmental standards such as EnergyStar 8.0, EPEAT and RoHS. Moreover, these models are equipped with an array of power-saving technologies, such as the PowerSensor, which enables to achieve energy savings of up to 70% by determining the absence of the user and reducing monitor brightness accordingly, the LightSensor, which senses ambient light and adjusts screen brightness automatically. When switched off, conventional monitors are often sent into stand-by mode where they still draw power. In contrast, Philips’ Zero Power Switch cuts the monitor off completely from AC power. However, Philips monitors’ efforts to make an impact on global sustainability outreach their disruptive approach in green tech.

Committing to a greener footprint

The motivation of Philips monitors to change our planet for the better is persistent:  Philips monitors is ready to take corporate social responsibility to the next level by an engagement in a reforestation ongoing campaign, involving the donation of more than 58.000 trees in Tanzania’s Usambara region, which has experienced heavy deforestation in the past 15 years. In order to ensure that the planted trees are in harmony with the local ecosystem, Philips is collaborating with ForestNation, a foundation that encourages natural reforestation and biodiversity by applying site-specific agroforestry techniques. By creating jobs in tree nurseries, planting sites and involving the local students in the planting process, the campaign has a positive impact not only on the environment but it is for the benefit of the local community as well.  

“Our world is changing at a rapid pace – in terms of technology but also in terms of our environment. We are facing environmental challenges humanity has never seen before. At Philips monitors we believe in using our skills, expertise and relationships to enhance and improve the future for individuals, society at large and the environment we all inhabit together. Planet earth is a crucial stakeholder for us as a company. Therefore, we focus our creative and productive energies on designing products that meet our customers’ needs and meet our high sustainability standards at the same time. After all, people are at the heart of all our activities.

“We are committed to support the fight against climate change – not only by developing greener technology but also by giving back and planting trees with every green monitor sold”, says Stefan Sommer, Director of Marketing & Business Management Europe at MMD.

Together we can reach further

The devastation of deforestation is facing us all but with a collective effort of individual small steps we can all give back to nature. If you wish to support Philips’ mission by donating trees to the forest in Tanzania, there are several ways you can choose from:

  • Visit the campaign page:for every 10 visitors, one tree will be planted in the Philips monitors forest automatically. Check out the campaign page for news on Philips monitors’ forest and general CSR activities.
  • Donate and grow the Philips forest: Support the forest by growing it further with your donation. Every amount will go towards planting more trees that help the environment and the local community. For every donation made via the Philips monitors campaign page you will be sent a Tree Kit to grow your own tree at home. And for every Tree Kit bought, 10 trees will be planted.
  • Set yourself up for sustainability: Invest in greener, energy saving technology like the green monitor lineup from Philips monitors.

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