Philips Monitors E1 Line to welcome three new multipurpose models for hybrid and remote work

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 26 March 2023 – In March, three new models are joining the Philips Monitors E1 series product line. Equipped with all the essentials that professionals and remote workers need, these new models will help users stay connected while improving their productivity, all at a competitive price.

Picture quality and comfort
The Philips 24E1N1100A and 27E1N1100A are both equipped with a 23.8”/60.5cm and a 27″/68.6 cm (respectively) FHD IPS display with a frameless design, narrow borders for multi-monitor set-ups, and a cable management system for a clean and organized workspace.

The overall picture quality is mesmerizing: the IPS panel delivers vivid colors, while the 100Hz refresh rate with 1ms MPRT and Adaptive Sync offer a responsive experience with sharp and precise visuals to enhance every moment, including gaming sessions during users’ free time that get an extra boost with SmartImage Game Modes. In addition, both models come with a pair of built-in high quality 2W stereo speakers to ensure a top-notch multi-sensory experience. These models also support and enhance user well-being, with features such as LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free for easy-on-the-eye viewing and EasyRead for a paper-like reading experience.

  • For more info on the Philips 24E1N1100A, please check out the product page here.
  • For the Philips 27E1N1100A, on the other hand, please check out its product page here.

Extra productivity with USB-C connectivity
The Philips 27E1N1600AE is specifically designed to improve home office connectivity while offering a future-proof solution for extra ease. This 27″ (68.6 cm) IPS panel with QHD resolution and HDR for crystal-clear, lifelike images. In addition to all the features included in the previous models from the E1 Line, this display also features USB-C 3.2 connectivity with 65W Power Delivery: a single, slim, reversible cable eases connectivity, transferring data at super-speed and charging compatible devices at the same time. This feature also helps keep the workspace clean and tidy, allowing users to charge their linked device and work seamlessly, all with one cable.

For additional comfort during long working hours, this model comes with a 100-mm height-adjustable stand. This specific kind of base is designed to be truly user-friendly, with adjustable height and tilt features that allow each user to customize their monitor for optimal viewing comfort, efficiency, and productivity. If you would like more information on the  Philips 27E1N1600AE monitor, please click here.

Price and availability

The Philips 24E1N1100A, 27E1N1100A, and 27E1N1600AE are multipurpose monitors specifically designed to meet the most common needs for any home office, with fast connectivity, enhanced productivity, comfort, and ease of use, while ensuring consistently enjoyable and immersive free time.

Available from March, the Philips 24E1N1100A and 27E1N1100A will be available for purchase at the MSRP € 119.00 and € 139.00 respectively, while the Philips 27E1N1600AE will be available at the MSRP € 249.00.