Philips On Tour With Ultra Wide Monitors

MMD Nordics team is participating in the Atea roadshows that are taking place in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from September until November of 2019.

  • Denmark: ATEA IT EXPO takes place in two Danish cities with around 1.300 end users.
  • Norway: ATEA COMMUNITY, taking place in seven Norwegian cities and with around 3.200 end users.
  • Sweden: ATEA IT ARENA, in three cities in Sweden with a participation of around 2.000 end users.

The main focus for the Atea roadshows is presenting the new Philips ultra-wide monitors (from 34 to 49 inch). Ultra-wide monitors help increasing productivity, as one monitor can be used as a substitute of two full-size ones. Equipped with USB-C docking you can free space in your workplace by just using one cable for every purpose.