Positive review for the Philips 559M1RYV @ Postimees (EE)

The oldest and one of the biggest news sites in Estonia, Postimees, has published a review of the Philips 559M1RYV monitor with positive impressions. 


+ Mostly assembled, easy set-up

+ Great speakers

+ 4K resolution is great when sitting far enough back

+ USB-C connectivity

+ A wide selection of other ports

+ Works well with an Xbox, as well as PCs

+ The large screen allows to have a lot of things open at once

+ Picture-in-picture mode

+ Great for gaming

+ Great for creative tasks, e.g photo editing

+ Great for office work

+ Can be used in place of a regular smart TV due to its size

+ Included remote


– Ambiglow lighting may lag behind the action on screen

– Requires a big enough space to sit far enough back from the monitor

Verdict: “If your table is big enough, then this monitor can easily cover a variety of different tasks.”

Please find the full review here.