Powering working lives with Philips USB docking solutions

Single-purpose jobs – with people doing the same thing day in, day out – no longer exist. Inside and outside of the office, professionals in the digital economy work on multiple tasks simultaneously. They connect, collaborate and share content with people all over the world, or gather together in impromptu meetings around a desktop display.

Philips USB docking solutions are designed to keep people connected, with easy, one-cable hook-up for super-fast data transfer, instant access to office infrastructure such as printers, and of course a brilliant viewing experience.

Displays with all the right connections

Why USB-C connection? Because modern USB 3.1 Type-C standard offers great productivity advantages. One is blazing-fast data transfer speeds – up to 20 times more than USB 2.0. A full 4K movie, for instance, transfers from HDD in under 60 seconds.

And what about docking? With the Philips monitors docking solutions users can say goodbye to charger and cable clutter (and the attendant nuisance of taking them everywhere), since notebooks or smart devices are charged while they are connected via one single USB-C port.

Philips monitors also provide solutions for users of laptops that can be connected only through the traditional USB-A. The brand-new 241B7QUBHEB and 272B7QUBHEB offer a built-in USB docking station, equipped with DisplayLink technology that feature universal port replication, so users gain access to office peripherals, including keyboard, mouse and RJ-45 Ethernet cable, through a single dual-mesh USB cable with type C and type A connector.

Beyond connectivity: standout capabilities for every professional

When choosing a display, great connectivity is just part of the story. Professionals need displays that deliver excellent performance specifically for their line of work. The Philips monitors docking range offers solutions for every professional. Graphic artists, look for superior color. Finance experts might need the ability to connect multiple displays. And multitaskers in all jobs will appreciate extra-wide screen space. With sizes up to 49 inches, Full HD, Quad HD or even 4K, curved or flat, wide or standard, the Philips displays combine USB docking abilities with feature sets to suit every work profile.

Daisychaining for extra productivity

Despite the sharp, precise viewing experience of Philips displays, sometimes one display is not enough. With many of the Philips USB docking displays also supporting DP out users can simply hook up their notebook to the first display, and then daisy-chain multiple displays.


Deskside collaboration is a whole lot easier on a wider screen. The 43-inch and 49-inch super-wide displays (439P9H, coming later in 2019, and 499P9H) offer ultra-sharp viewing. In fact, the award-winning 49-inch curved 32:9 display is like two full-size high-performance monitors in one. Its wraparound viewing experience is perfect for concentrated working.

Premium color and resolution for modern workspaces

For challenging applications, color and resolution go hand in hand. From Quad HD resolution with the 25-inch (258B6QU) and 27-inch (272B7QU) displays, to dazzling 4K viewing with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, Philips displays combine USB docking connectivity with sharp, crisp viewing to boost productivity and well-being. The 32-inch 329P9H and the 328P6VUBREB, for example, offer UltraClear 4K UHD resolution that is a perfect complement to detailed work with CAD applications, 3D graphics or spreadsheets. The 328P6AUBREB monitor features Adobe 99% and 100% sRGB colour spectrum. The color rendering range of Adobe RGB makes it perfect for professional photo and video editing, animation or work with color-critical projects

In terms of color, there is increasing demand – not just from graphics professionals – for wide color gamuts and total fidelity in reproduction to make screen content come to life. Philips display users can enjoy great USB connectivity combined with superior color – even on modestly sized displays. The UltraWide-Color Technology on the 27-inch 272B7QUBHEB, for instance, delivers a wider color gamut for more natural-looking and vivid colors: perfect for a brighter viewing experience. At the top end of the size range, with the 49-inch 499P9H display, users gain VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400: a significant quality gain over normal SDR. True DisplayHDR 400 produces astonishing brightness, contrast and color.

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With people adopting more collaborative working styles, and spending their time moving around between office, meeting rooms and off-site assignments, Philips USB docking solutions make modern workdays easier: smart mobile-style connectivity combined with a superb choice of performance features, color and resolutions. More information is available at: