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Simplicity and performance for eco-conscious professionals: MMD unveils the Philips 243B9 monitor

Amsterdam, January 14, 2020 – MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announces the launch of the Philips 243B9 LCD monitor. Equipped with USB-C docking, high-speed USB 3.2 and an IPS panel with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, this 24” (60.5 cm) monitor is designed to bring greater simplicity – and thus greater productivity – to the workplace. User comfort and a reduced environmental impact are guaranteed as well, thanks to the adjustable SmartErgoBase, energy-saving PowerSensor and 100% recyclable packaging.

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Philips 243B9

Effortless connectivity
Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Philips 243B9 offers the speed and flexibility of USB-C docking with power delivery. With a single slim, reversible connector, users can charge their compatible laptop, watch high-resolution video, and transfer data at super-speed. This monitor also comes with an HDMI input, meaning users can enjoy high-quality digital video and audio transmitted over a single cable from AV sources including DVD players, video cameras and PCs. Audio output is made possible via the integrated speakers.

Comfort and enjoyment
The Philips 243B9 features multiple technologies to ensure maximal picture quality that is easy on the eyes. IPS technology provides wide viewing angles of 178° and crisp, high-contrast and bright images, while Full HD resolution delivers great detail and clarity. And thanks to the LowBlue Mode, which reduces harmful shortwave blue light rays, viewers benefit from easy-on-the-eyes productivity. The Philips 243B9 is also equipped with the SmartErgoBase, a stand that offers height-adjustability up to 150 mm, tilt and swivel functions as well as 90° rotation (pivot) to allow users the best possible posture, plus an integrated cable management.

Eco-friendly productivity
In addition to comfort, performance, and flexibility, the Philips 243B9 is also energy-efficient – it only consumes 12.8 W in Eco mode – and compliant with a number of environmental standards and certifications including EnergyStar 7.0, TCO Edge, and RoHS. A built-in Power Sensor automatically detects the user’s presence and adjusts the monitor’s brightness accordingly for longer monitor life and energy savings of up to 80%, while the Zero Power Switch ensures zero energy consumption when the monitor is turned off, thus further reducing the monitor’s carbon footprint. The Philips 243B9 features a PVC/BFR free housing that uses 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. Moreover, the monitor is totally free of mercury or lead, and its packaging consists of 100% recyclable material.

Smart, flexible, and sustainable, the Philips 243B9 monitor will be available from January 2020 with an RRP of  £199

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