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The New Philips 49B2U5900CH Monitor with Busylight and Webcam with Windows Hello™ Feature Opens New Opportunities For Collaboration in the Workplace

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands– With a new arsenal of features to compliment its release, Philips will add a new monitor to their B2B 5000 series product line on 20 November, 2023.

The Philips 49B2U5900CH is equipped with a 32:9 (48.8 inches) SuperWide display, which is one of the key aspects of this monitor, and it brings new features such as the Busylight and a tilting Earphone Hook that has never before been seen on a Philips monitor.

All of these new features, along with the Philips 49B2U5900CH’s USB-C docking with RJ45 and TUV Rheinland Eyesafe certification, make this monitor ideal for office professionals looking to increase productivity in the workplace as well as those who work from home and require a highly-collaborative product to facilitate their workday. Please check out the product page here.

Made for Collaboration with Windows Hello™ and Busylight Function

The Philips 49B2U5900CH is designed to create a more dynamic work environment. For professionals working in an office setting, the new Busylight is located on the top of the webcam of the monitor and it can sync with Microsoft Teams statuses so that colleagues know whether others are on a call or not.

Apart from the Busylight function, another collaborative feature of the 49B2U5900CH is the 5MP webcam with Microsoft Hello™. Not only can users experience picture-perfect call quality, but they can also log in to all of their Microsoft accounts automatically through facial recognition with the Microsoft Hello™ feature; thereby making the Philips 49B2U5900CH an ideal office companion. Please check out the product page here.

More Screen Real Estate for Higher Productivity

Several functions make the Philips 49B2U5900CH ideal for increasing productivity in the workplace; with one of them being the large 32:9 SuperWide screen. 

Designed to replace a multiscreen work setup, the large 48.8-inch screen with 5120×1440 resolution is equivalent to having two 16:9 Quad HD monitors side by side. In addition to this, the Philips 49B2U5900CH has 178 by 178-degree viewing angles and a 3000:1 contrast ratio which ultimately helps users see with complete clarity and from any angle. Therefore, with all these features in mind, professionals can work in one fluid motion with a single screen that is built for completing multiple workflows simultaneously and from any angle. Please check out the product page here.

Connectivity and Versatility at Its Best

Apart from being adaptable to an evermore-changing workplace, the Philips 49B2U5900CH also fashions features that make it a staple for any type of work. The newest addition to its connective capabilities is the Smart KVM. Traditionally, an integrated KVM switch is used to switch between sources with the click of a button on the monitor’s bezel. With the Smart KVM feature, however, users only need to press the “ctrl” keyboard tile three times to be able to switch between multiple PCs.

Adding to the Philips 49B2U5900CH connectivity features is the USB-C docking with RJ45; the ultimate feature for facilitating workflow. The versatile USB-C connections allow for up to 100W of power delivery as well as high-speed data transfer to and from devices. Not to mention the Philips 49B2U5900CH’s USB-C docking station is also equipped with an RJ45 connection that can reach a transmission speed of up to 1G. Please check out the product page here.

Additional Features for the Philips 49B2U5900CH

Connectivity and Collaboration are not the only advantages of the Philips 49B2U5900CH. To add to its arsenal of workplace-focused features, this monitor guarantees a high-quality picture experience for all professions with its DisplayHDR™ 400 certification, SmartImage technology, and 1.07 billion color gamut. In addition to this, the Philips 49B2U5900CH fashions a new earphone hook that can pull down from the monitor’s side, a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS),  and a VESA mount that makes for a convenient and comfortable viewing experience.

Last but certainly not least, the Philips 49B2U5900CH is certified with TUV Rheinland Eyesafe; which helps make long hours in front of the screen easier on the eyes. In addition, this certification makes sure that the Philips 49B2U5900CH was built to protect against the adverse health effects from long exposure to blue light.

The Philips 49B2U5900CH monitor will be available for purchase on November and with a MSRP of €1199,00

Please check out the product page here.