The Philips 242B9T received 4.5/5 stars from TopTenReviews, a review website from the UK’s Future Publishing recently published a review of the Philips 242B9T. The monitor received 4.5/5 stars.

The tester emphasised the usage opportunities at home besides its B2B potential: “Philips actually aims these devices at small business owners, as they make excellent till/cashier screens, but we think they have plenty of use at home too.” He also underlined that the touchscreen technology is an “overlooked piece of technology” and praised Philips at improving this “underrated technology”.

+ Comfortable to use

+ Good screen quality

+ Flexible

(+) SmoothTouch scratch resistant display with anti-glare coating

(+) Double-hinged stand with generous tilt angle (5-90°)

(+) 10-point capacitive touch technology

(+) LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology

(+) Water and dust resistant

(+) Very easy to setup

(+) Rich connectivity and easy to access ports

(+) Sleek and professional look

(+) Reasonable price with 4-year warranty


– Heavy and cumbersome to move

Verdict: „The Philips 242B9T updates the classic touch screen monitor format a load of modern technology that improves user comfort and safety, all while looking sleek and offering a great display. […] If you’re in the market for a high quality touch screen monitor, then the Philips 242B9T is the best option in town for your money. There aren’t many companies making new models of touch screen monitors, so getting a shiny new model complete with the latest technology and ergonomic features is a real boon to this often overlooked piece of technology. The screen looks great, it feels good to use and has a great degree of flexibility when it comes to angle and screen height, so it’s comfortable too. It also has some nifty features including a low blue light mode and anti-glare screen that make it ideal for work use, where you’ll be looking at the screen for a long time. “

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