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The Philips Monitors portfolio offers greater home and gaming experiences with Black Friday promo ahead of Christmas

A wide selection of monitors for gamers of all levels and home office essentials

Amsterdam – November 16, 2023 – One of the main benefits of Black Friday promotions is the huge savings potential, especially on items that are rarely discounted, such as electronics. Black Friday promotions are a great way to beat the holiday rush: shoppers can take advantage of the deals and discounts to purchase gifts with plenty of time before Christmas. And since Black Friday promotions are an ideal way to buy gifts for loved ones (at least according to nearly 40% of respondents[1]), Philips Monitors is happy to offer promos for all tastes and needs, to elevate the gaming experience or find a top-tier multi-tasking productivity solution.

Full Potential Gaming Experience for Everyone

In the realm of gaming, we all share a common goal: to enhance our skills, level up our gameplay, and savour every moment of the virtual worlds we explore. A high-quality monitor can help to improve gaming performance with low input lag and high refresh rate, reducing the amount of time it takes for the game to respond and thereby allowing faster reaction and improved accuracy. But the visual experience should not be underestimated: a monitor with a higher refresh rate and resolution can provide more vivid graphics and smoother gameplay, revealing hidden details and bringing every frame to life.

The Evnia 27M1C5200W is specifically designed for high-intensity gameplay. This 27” monitor is equipped with Adaptive-Sync, a speedy 240 Hz refresh rate, low input lag and a 0.5 MRPT for tear-free gameplay, perfect for playing the most intense, engaging and action-oriented games. With every curve, every angle; your gaming world comes alive, pulling you closer to the epicentre of the action. Its high contrast and SmartImage HDR technology deliver breath-taking imagery and even greater immersion. Please check out the product page here.

For intermediate and expert gamers, the Evnia 27M1N5500ZA steps onto the stage with a 27” Nano IPS panel with amazing 98% DCI-P3, providing detailed images with deep, super-high contrast levels. Smooth gameplay is ensured by a 165 Hz refresh rate and up to 1 ms GtG fast response time for ultra-smooth, brilliant, and immersive images. G-Sync Compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium and low input lag work together to banish screen tearing and stuttering, ensuring every moment is crystal clear. The Philips 27M1N5500ZA also features built-in stereo speakers for multimedia and numerous connectivity choices including a USB hub to support PC gamers in playing, interacting, and livestreaming, as well as in working and studying. Please check out the product page here.

The Evnia 24M1N3200ZS is a perfect solution for all rookies looking for a fast-paced, feature-rich monitor to take their gameplay to the next level. This 24” FHD IPS monitor ensures tear-free, stutter-free, fluid gaming at peak performance with AMD FreeSync™ Premium. Ultra-smooth gameplay and crisp images are also ensured by a 165 Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms MPRT fast response time, while the virtually frameless display with Ultra Wide-Color ensures a truly immersive visual experience. Please check out the product page here.

The Home Office Must-Have: Monitors for a World of Possibilities

Finding the right monitor for the home is not easy: it should be a complete and multi-tasking solution that can meet multiple different needs. This is the reason why it must include features for comfortably working from home while being a gateway to entertainment, able to keep up with the latest multimedia and games.

The Philips Monitors V7 line includes ideal all-around displays with stunning images, user-friendly design, and eye care rolled into one sleek, compact package. The Philips 243V7QDSB and 273V7QDSB are two FHD IPS models (23.8 inch/60.5 cm and 27”/68.6cm respectively) offering clear and detailed images with SmartContrast and SmartImage technologies while also protecting users’ eyesight with Flicker-free technology, LowBlue Mode and Easy Read. For those seeking a similar solution but with QHD resolution, there’s the Philips 275V8LA from the Philips Monitors V8 Line, a wide-view monitor that gives viewing beyond boundaries, great value and essential features. All three of these monitors make great home solutions for families interested in replacing their home monitors.

  • For Philips 243V7QDSB, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 273V7QDSB, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 275V8LA, Please check out the product page here.

Those looking for a home office solution that can also support relaxing game nights should consider the Philips Monitors E1 Line. The Philips 241E1SC is a curved 23.6” (59.9 cm) FHD VA display delivering crisp, immersive images with rich black details and easy-on-the-eyes technologies for long working hours. Please check out the product page here. And when free time comes around, this model can keep up with the latest games thanks to AMD FreeSync™ technology and SmartImage game mode optimized for gamers. Another option from the same line is the Philips 278E1A, a 27-inch/68.6 cm flat IPS display with UHD 4K resolution, for demanding professionals (such as graphic designers or architects) looking for precise, detailed images in a stylish solution packed with extra features for entertainment and relaxation. Please check out the product page here.

For additional information on Philips Monitors Black Friday models:
Please check out the product page here.

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Please check out the product page here.

[1] Percentage of consumers who purchased a Christmas gift during the Black Friday promotions in Europe in 2021 (Statista) – link