totallydubbedHD, a YouTuber/influencer from the UK, published a review of the Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 monitor.

Furthermore, he published a Youtube Shorts video, please click here.

+ 49-inch size, 5120×1440 resolution, 1800R curvature

+ 240 Hz refresh rate

+ Very impressive 0.6 ms input lag (measured)

+ Average GtG at 0.94 ms (measured), with no inverse ghosting

+ VESA certified ClearMR 13000 – on the highest scale

+ AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility with 50-240 Hz VRR range

+ DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification, HDR Vivid mode with 1000 nits peak brightness

+ DP 1.4, HDMI 2.1 and USB-C connectivity, included USB hub

+ Dedicated console mode (120 Hz toggle on the OSD) with 4K signal input and VRR over HDMI

+ Glossy panel

+ sRGB mode with 96.5% sRGB coverage, 98.9% area, with average DeltaE of 1.44, no brightness locked in this mode

+ In wide gamut mode, 100% sRGB coverage, 96.2% AdobeRGB coverage and 98.9% DCI-P3 coverage with an average DeltaE of 2.31 compared to AdobeRGB standard

+ Very good brightness uniformity, zero backlight bleed thanks to OLED technology

+ OLED Care options on the OSD (Screen Saver, Pixel Orbiting, Pixel Refresh)

+ Height, swivel and tilt adjustment of the stand

+ Included remote control

+ Comprehensive OSD, includes a multi-band EQ

+ 4x 7.5W speakers with loud and clear sound

+ Ambiglow

+ Built-in KVM switch

– Some flickering with G-SYNC observed, but no black screen issues

– Fringing effect with text

Verdict: “If you’re looking for a super-ultrawide monitor this might just be the endgame. It’s called the Phillips Evnia 49M2C8900, which sports a super-ultrawide 49-inch curved 1440p 240 Hz QD-OLED panel. It also has got AMD FreeSync technology, certification with NVIDIA G-SYNC and better still, DisplayHDR True Black 400, which gives you a lifelike HDR reproduction. You’ve then also got a built-in KVM switch and also Philips Ambiglow technology. […] In terms of the overall motion clarity this monitor does also meet a VESA certification, which is more specifically ClearMR 13000, which is the highest scale that one can achieve. So, it’s great to see that the overall motion clarity, at least according to VESA and of course Phillips, is absolute top-notch.”