UK Training Event – Workplace Wellness

In recent years businesses in the UK has undertaken various efforts to lower the carbon footprint across industries.  With the launch of innovative technologies such as USB-C docking monitors and the A++ green display, the UK sales team have partnered with workplace wellbeing specialists, LB Wellness and created a unique training workshop entitled Workplace Wellness.

The event not only demonstrates in real time the cost and energy savings of  our products, but also gives the Sales Teams a better understanding about the physical and environmental aspects of any working day and how our technology can offer a different approach and solutions to challenges that their customers may face with Carbon Footprint conversations.

During the product presentation by the Account Manager, LB Wellness, with their years of experience in the workplace, provide advice and information covering both the physical and mental challenges of the modern day workplace whilst providing a 15 minute, stress-relieving head, neck and shoulder massage!

The event is a huge success.  Why?

Comprehensive product and wellbeing training with minimal disruption to a busy sales floor.

We take the event to the reseller and only 2 delegates leave their desk at a time for no more than 15 minutes.  A full session is from 9am-2pm and with one Philips Account Manager and 2 LB wellness staff we can cover around 30 sales staff.

We have already brought this to over 10 reseller partners since June and is being rolled out across the UK over the coming months. There are also plans to bring this to larger end-user clients who are considering large numbers of upgrades across their businesses to show just how much money and energy they can

Every detail of the day is thought through with a wellness and environmentally friendly slant – all product collateral is provided in online brochure format and coffee/pastries are replaced with re-useable infuser water bottles and choice of healthy snacks or fruit (for the cooler days now branded mugs and herbal teas will be supplied) to ensure both body and mind are well-balanced!

Feedback has been astounding and we have yet to see any other competitor bring anything like this to our clients that is so informative, different and easy for the reseller to take advantage of.