World Sight Day & Eye Care Foundation

Today, October 14th 2021 we celebrate World Sight Day together with our new partners, Eye Care Foundation.  

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness, held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on vision impairment, including blindness. This year, World Sight Day will take place on October 14, 2021 with the theme: Love Your Eyes.

At TP Vision, AOC, MMD and PPDS we know that we are widely used to being exposed to screens all day long – just think of operating your smartphones, using the computer for work or other screens to absorb or transfer information. Therefore, the quality of our products and their impact on human health is key for us.

Some facts about our own products: Did you know that Ambilight can reduce eye strain for 60-90% of the people, depending on the Ambilight setting and the nature of the film?

Or that our OLED TVs offer eye comfort-eyeball friendly viewing? Stream, game, binge – and keep your eyes feeling fresh with Philips OLED TVs. Low blue light, flicker free and with no uncomfortable glare, they beat international standards set by UL and TUV. So, you can enjoy the content you love for longer.

    *Philips OLED TV panels have been certified as flicker-free and discomfort glare free by UL

On the other hand, AOC has developed a Low Blue Light mode for its monitors. Filtering out a certain blue light spectrum, the technology helps to increase safety and wellbeing when working with monitors for any period of time.

The green monitors of MMD have, for example, the LightSensor, which senses ambient light and adjusts screen brightness accordingly.

PPDS offers an optional light sensor to regulate the brightness of the display according to the ambient lighting. And for 2022, a ‘blue light filter’ will be introduced as part of a brand-new range.

Eye Care Foundation is an international charity organisation founded in Amsterdam, and active in countries in Asia and Africa. Born out of the need to help and establish good and affordable eye care in developing countries, Eye Care Foundation is completely focused on helping those for whom good medical care is inaccessible or unaffordable to prevent and cure avoidable blindness and visual impairment. TP Vision, AOC, MMD and PPDS have decided to support their work by sponsoring a training project for community health workers, in the Vinh Long province in Vietnam.  Just like the United Nations, we see avoiding and curing bad eyesight or blindness as a way to work towards the Social Development Goals. 

Alongside Eye Care Foundation, we also want to share five ways to practise healthy eye care habits while working on the computer:

1. Regular eye check-ups
Schedule regular consultations with your eye doctor and monitor your eye health. Aside from detecting vision problems, you get recommendations on how you can take care of your eyes based on your lifestyle and activities.

2. Wear proper eyewear
If it’s recommended for your condition, wear proper eyewear when working on the computer. There are eyeglasses tailored for computer use and these are better than contact lenses for this purpose.

3. Work with the lights on
Eye strain can be caused by excessively bright lights or harsh lighting. When you work on the computer, make sure that the screen is not the main light source.

4. Adjust display settings
The brightness of your computer screen should be levelled in a similar way with the lighting of your room. The size of font on your computer shouldn’t be too small forcing you to squint or move your eyes closer. Color temperature should be reduced in order to lessen the blue light reflected of the screen.

5. Apply the 20-20-20 rule.
There is a simple exercise that you can do without compromising time allotted for work. It helps relieve digital eye strain and relax the eyes.

The 20-20-20 rule works this way:

  • every 20 minutes 
  • look 20 feet away (about 6 m) from you 
  • for a total of 20 seconds