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Wrap the Perfect Christmas Present with Philips Monitors Gift Guide for Gaming and the Home Office

With the festive season just around the corner, MMD, the leading display specialists and brand license partner for Philips monitors, has created a guide to help you find the perfect gift, guaranteed. MMD is committed to bringing innovation and a superior experience shine through a diverse range of high-quality monitors, designed to spruce up any workspace, be it at home or the office. The aim of this guide is for every Philips Monitors user to enjoy exceptional gaming and home office experiences every day, every time. Here, you’ll find everything you need to make the holiday season extra special—and that means only the best, for any budget.

The most mesmerizing gameplay with Evnia

Everyone can be a gamer, and like its name implies, Evnia supports the joy of gaming for all. Evnia monitors are a powerhouse of high refresh rates and low input lag for a responsive gaming experience, matched with immersive display technologies for mesmerizing images. With Evnia, smooth and enjoyable gameplay is always guaranteed, whatever game you wish to play during the holidays.

Those looking for a fast and responsive monitor in a small size will find the Philips Evnia 25M2N3200W a perfect match. It’s a 24.5″ Full HD Fast VA display with an ultra-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz and 0.5 ms MPRT for ultra-smooth game sequences with clear, accurate images free of judder and ghosting. If you prefer an even faster (and IPS) display, the Philips Evnia 25M2N5200P is its counterpart: a 24.5” Full HD IPS panel with an ultra-fast refresh rate of 280 Hz for a smooth, fast-paced gaming experience and SmartImage HDR modes for optimal color, brightness, and contrast.

  • For Philips 25M2N3200W, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 25M2N5200P, Please check out the product page here.
  • Fans of curved displays are seeking immersion, a display that mirrors the natural curve of the eye. The Philips Evnia 27M2C5500W is a 1000R 27″ Quad HD curved gaming monitor equipped with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro, a lightning fast 240 Hz refresh rate, low input lag, and fast response of 1 ms GtG with 0.5 ms MPRT. This model offers the swiftest, smoothest experience and is the ideal choice for all the most intense, engaging, action-oriented games. Similarly, the Philips Evnia 32M2C5500W is a newly announced 1000R 31.5” curved display ready to sweep you right into the middle of the action with its fast VA panel with Quad HD resolution, 240 Hz refresh rate, and 0.5 ms response time. Endless adventures unfold in a smooth sequence of crisp images and realistic performance at high speeds. For greater ease and flexibility, this model also features USB-hub connectivity.

  • For Philips 27M2C5500W, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 32M2C5500W, Please check out the product page here.
  • Another great gaming solution is OLED panels, which make ghost free and fast responsive monitors. Its technology delivers faster reaction time and MPRT, lower reflection and input lag. OLED also delivers uniquely lifelike visuals with deeper blacks. The Philips Evnia 34M2C8600 is a beautifully designed curved 34″ QD OLED monitor, equipped with a USB-C port, KVM switch, and all the features users need for the most immersive gameplay ever, such as VESA-Certified ClearMR, 0.03ms GtG response time, AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro, DTS Sound™, and much more. The Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 is suited for all types of gameplay, and is sure to impress both by its size and its features. It includes a QD-OLED display for pristine visuals, a 240 Hz refresh rate for fast and clear gaming, a response time of 0.03 ms GtG, and VESA ClearMR 13000 certification to ensure blur-free gaming, in addition to built-in speakers supporting DTS Sound with 30 W output for exceptional and immersive audio and the exclusive Ambiglow feature to ensure an all-around alluring experience. These Philips monitors are certified with VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black 400, delivering stunningly accurate shadow details with deeper blacks for a remarkable visual experience compared with conventional monitors of the same peak luminance.

  • For Philips 34M2C8600, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 49M2C8900, Please check out the product page here.
  • Collaboration, comfort, and connectivity for the home office

    Home Office and Professional solutions are all designed with comfort, connectivity, flexibility, and ease in mind – every day of the year, in the festive season specifically. This is why the Philips Monitor portfolio includes a wide array of adaptive technologies for comfortable viewing (digital eye strain is considered a real issue for 50% or more of computer users[1]), ultra-clear resolutions for productivity, and numerous connectivity options even for the most demanding and complex desks, including docking solutions and daisy chaining technology.

    The Philips 27E1N5600HE monitor meets the needs of users of all ages in response to the rise of telework and web-based events and activities, social media, and online entertainment. It features a 27” IPS panel with QHD resolution, integrated 5MP Windows Hello TM webcam with noise-cancelling microphone for easy and secure collaboration, and USB Type-C technology for hassle-free one-cable connectivity. If you would like more information on the Philips 27E1N5600HE monitor, please click here.

    For the most demanding CAD-CAM, 3D graphics, or photography professionals, the Philips 34B1U5600CH delivers bright, vivid pictures and image quality on a curved 34” QHD VA panel designed to facilitate every task. Connectivity and multi-tasking are prioritized, thanks to USB-C, MultiClient Integrated KVM switch, and DP-out. Collaboration, whether in person or remote, is facilitated thanks to features like a built-in 5MP Windows HelloTM webcam, noise-cancelling microphone, and speakers. Similarly, the Philips 40B1U5601H and 40B1U5600 offer the easy connectivity of USB-C technology, the superb picture quality of UltraWide QHD resolution with DisplayHDR 400 (in the case of the Philips 40B1U5600), the convenience of MultiClient Integrated KVM, and even a headset hook, making them the ideal solution for dynamic professionals requiring a large screen size and excellent resolution. The Philips 40B1U5601H also offers a built-in Windows HelloTM 5MP webcam and noise-cancelling mic.

  • For Philips 34B1U5600CH, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 40B1U5601H, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 40B1U5600, Please check out the product page here.
  • The Philips 27B1U7903 offers a combination of outstanding picture performance with secure one-cable docking, sustainable materials in its components and packaging, and stylish design. This 27” 4K MiniLED Thunderbolt™ 4 monitor is packed with high-performance features to enable professionals to reach new levels of productivity in addition to being certified with the VESA DisplayHDR™ 1400 and offering a wider color gamut (1.07B colors) to bring out previously unseen details and nuances for ultra-realistic effects. The Philips 40B1U6903CH is not only equipped with a speedy, multifunctional Thunderbolt™ 4 docking solution, but also features a large, 39.7-inch screen (100,9 cm diag.), 5K2K (5120 x 2160) resolution, an integrated 5MP Windows HelloTM webcam, and a noise-cancelling microphone.

  • For Philips 27B1U7903, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 40B1U6903CH, Please check out the product page here.
  • The Philips Monitors portfolio contains two major solutions specifically intended for finance professionals working from home. First, the Philips 45B1U6900CH combines two desktops and a webcam in one setup. This monitor is equipped with a large, 44.5-inch (113 cm diagonal) screen with 5120 x 1440 resolution and several other features designed to aid professionals’ multitasking, such as a 5MP webcam, USB-C docking with RJ45, a 32:9 SuperWide screen, and a curvature of 1500R with viewing angles of 178/178 degrees. Second, the Philips 49B2U5900CH features a 48.8″ (124 cm) curved SuperWide (32:9) display. This model offers new, innovative features for collaboration such as the Busylight, located on the top of the webcam, and can sync with Microsoft Teams statuses so that colleagues know whether others are on a call or not. This, along with the Philips 49B2U5900CH’s USB-C docking solution with RJ45 port and the TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe certification, make this monitor the ideal choice for those who work from home and are seeking a highly collaborative product to facilitate their workday.

  • For Philips 45B1U6900CH, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips 49B2U5900CH, Please check out the product page here.
  • On-the-go professionals may have the most unique needs of all, and often need a portable monitor to make the mobile workspace more ergonomic and comfortable. Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, the award-winning Philips 16B1P3302D can fit into a briefcase or a backpack with its 15.6-inch (39.6 cm diagonal) display size. This portable monitor features two USB-C ports on the side and allows two USB-C cables to be plugged in and used simultaneously to power the monitor or extend the display for business presentations. And never underestimate the power of an extra portable screen for the home office, even the smallest. If you would like more information on the Philips 16B1P3302D monitor, please click here.

    And as the final flourish, the Philips SPT6607B and SPT6407B, like festive ornaments on a tree, are two keyboard and mouse combo designed for your productive days. You can connect up to three devices thanks to wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections, and it is convenient if you are a Mac user. You can easily switch between MacOS, iOS, and Windows compatible layouts.

  • For Philips SPT6607B, Please check out the product page here.
  • For Philips SPT6407B, Please check out the product page here.
  • This Christmas, let Philips Monitors be the elves in your home office, sprinkling comfort, clarity, and connectivity magic so you can work merrily and make your workload feel lighter than a snowflake.

    For additional information on Philips Monitors models, please click here.
    For additional information on Philips Evnia models, please click here.

    [1] “Digital eye strain: prevalence, measurement and amelioration” – link